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Freelance SEO services allow you to leverage years of expertise, in the most cost-effective ways.


As an independent SEO specialist, Asad Kausar carries the advantage of having worked with multiple small and large businesses in a host of locations. With over a decade of experience in SEO, including as a link building freelancer, he has mastered a variety of techniques that allow businesses to thrive in the online space.
If your business is online, you can’t do without professional SEO. Whether you specifically hire a link building freelancer or a freelance SEO expert who covers all bases, at some point your business is going to need some external help. It’s not just about ranking highly on search engines, but making sure that you are providing value to your customers and clients.
For many businesses, however, hiring a full-time SEO expert is simply not feasible. A freelance SEO expert allows you to invest in services that have the potential to elevate your online marketing strategy, without necessarily having to worry about the costs and training that come with a full-time hire.

SEO Specialist

As an independent SEO specialist, Asad Kausar is already knowledgeable and experienced in the field of SEO, and can offer deeper insight than a traditional hire would. In addition, when you invest in freelance SEO services, you stand to benefit from more than one expert. With a team of trusted specialists by his side, Asad Kausar provides a service that covers all bases, making working with him a worthy investment.
SEO involves many different strategies. To attract organic traffic to your website, it uses various techniques that may take some time to learn. There’s keyword research, which is a strategy that provides you information on the topics or subjects people search for and the number of people that are searching for those. Once you find the keywords that are the most searched for in your niche, you need to figure out how to use them effectively.
This is when content creation comes in. With those keywords in hand, you then need to plan, write, and publish quality and engaging content around them. You can write blog posts, upload pictures to your social media accounts, or record videos with those keywords used naturally here and there.

Get Your Content Out There

To do that, you have to do link building, ads, guest blogging, and more. Increasing exposure is critical to driving quality traffic to your page. And to know if all your hard work and effort have paid off, you have to have SEO tools. Tracking increases, decreases, and other changes are essential so you know which areas to improve on and which ones work. All of these steps and processes may be overwhelming or tasking to you, but they should not be a problem for an SEO expert.
There’s already so much to execute when you’re a business owner. Learning the ropes of SEO may not be realistic. Hiring an independent SEO specialist allows you to focus on the operational aspects of your business, without worrying about your website falling by the wayside.
From SEO audits, competitor analysis and on-page optimization, to link building, content marketing and local SEO, the freelance SEO services provided are designed to put your business on the map and attract your ideal clientele. And once your ideal audience finds its way to your website, a good SEO strategy will ensure that their experiences are positive.

SEO Changes

Just as your business grows and changes over the years, so does the field of SEO. In order to keep up with its rapid development, an independent SEO specialist and link building freelancer is critical. Staying up-to-date with SEO ensures that your business never gets left behind, and that your website is providing enough value to keep those customers coming.
Working with a freelance SEO specialist also assures you that your website is in passionate hands. It is not being handled by a company with hundreds of clients to get through, but by an individual who can give it the unique attention it deserves. As such, SEO solutions provided by Asad are not generic and uninnovative, but rather tailored to bring out the best in your specific business.
SEO solutions are also driven by analytics, so that no effort is a shot in the dark. Through extensive research and comprehensive analytics, Asad is able to gain a clear understanding of what a business needs. As a result, SEO campaigns are followed by measurable success and overall growth.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, it’s never too late (or too early) to get your SEO off the ground.

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